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These flights by FitFlight are available in 2 styles:
standard or slim.

Flights that last!

 Fitflight brand flights are durable for everyday practice and hold up in the heat of competition. Their patented design eliminates the dreaded “robinhood”, so all your darts count!

Dart Shirts

Just released!!

Two styles – Jersey or Hoodie!!

This Garage Darts Jersey and Hoodie are available for purchase now!

Purchase of these items help support Cali’s channel

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Magic Wear has great designs and the shirts are super comfy and keep you cool in the heat of competition! 

This design matches her newly released flights from FitfFlight. She calls it her “shooting star” shirt 

This design is a map of the city she calls home. One of her favorites because of the slimming stripes down the sides!

Cali's Signature Dart

Cali’s new signature dart from Colonial Barrels is here!

It is available in 23 gram steel tip and 20 gram soft tip.

Both have the shark grip in the back and front to give you the control you need, to hit that pressure shot!