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Garage Darts is Cali's Youtube channel, dedicated to teaching you everything about darts!

Garage Darts on the road: Madison Square Garden

This is the first video of the “on the road” series, where she goes to NYC to review and report on the US Masters that took place June 2-3, 2023. An amazing experience and one she highly recommends attending! See what a darts tournament in North America can look like!!!

Darts 101: The dartboard

This video is the first of the Darts 101 series, so if you know nothing about darts, watch this one first!

Darts 101: The Throw

The second installment of Darts 101, this video shows you the proper mechanics for a good throw

Darts 101: How to play Cricket

In this video, learn how to play the popular game of Cricket! This video goes in-depth to help you understand all the nuances of the game, with a full game played between Jen and Will. 

Darts 101: How to play 501 Part 1

In this video, learn how to play 501. This video is part one of a 3-part series.  Cali runs down all of the basics, with a little humor thrown in! 

Darts 101: 501 Part 2  Learning your outs!

Part 2 of the game of 501, Cali explains how to learn your outs so you don’t have to rely on an outchart!

Garage Darts outcharts for your 501 game

Darts 101: Avoiding the Deadly Seven

In this video, Cali shows you the seven numbers below 170 (the highest out in an ’01 game) that you can’t take out in 3 darts. This video helps you avoid the pitfall of leaving yourself on a number you can not take out on your next turn. 

Darts 101: Using Wedges to Win

This video goes over end-game situations where you may have to change up your out. It will give you a solid plan B if that dart doesn’t go exactly where it’s supposed to! 

Garage Darts On the Road: The World Cup of … DARTS!

In this video, take a trip with Cali to Esbjerg, Denmark to experience what it was like competing in the WDF World Cup.. yes, of darts! Representing the USA at this competition for the 6th time in her career, she never tires of this amazing opportunity to compete against the best in the world! 

5 things to know about the ADO Nationals

Cali gives you the lowdown about the ADO National Championships, including the popular question, “what is proper dart attire??” 

Garage Darts Reno

Check out Cali in DIY mode! During down time from tournaments, she decided to make a video showing off her DIY skills. She created a storage loft for a garage that was becoming a catch-all for anything and everything… and made more space to update where she tapes her videos.

Darts Practice routines for beginners

Cali discusses practice for the new dart player. There are many tips in this video if you are new to the game, so watch it to the end. You may just get some ideas on not only what to practice, but HOW to practice!