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As one of the top dart players who travels to anywhere from 18-24 tournaments a year, this pandemic has certainly changed my life.

Normally, I work all week at my full time job and by Thursday night, I am doing a last minute load of laundry, packing a bag and getting ready to hit the road friday after work to drive usually 4-6 hours away to the next tournament.

It has been surreal watching the pandemic unfold and as a result, watching tournament after tournament announce it is cancelling for 2020.

As of today, it looks like every tournament will be cancelled for this year. Where does that leave a “pro” dart player?

Well, I think the trickiest thing to do is keep practicing. Without an upcoming tournament to focus my efforts on, it is hard to stay dedicated to the practice routines.

As many of us are doing, I am basically in the midst of a major home renovation project… more on that later..

I have also been exercising more; certainly a good thing.

I have also been spending a lot of time working on this website; something long overdue. Hopefully, while we have all this down time, I will be able to get this site up and running like I had envisioned 5 years ago and continue blogging about darts. Some would think without tournaments, there would be nothing to blog about. However, I have a lot on my mind, and there are many topics to discuss about darts, while we are all sitting home waiting for this pandemic to be over.

So stay tuned, as I will be working on blogs and even some videos to hopefully see us through this unbelievable time we are living in.

Keep working on your game…and stay safe!!