Garage Darts

Garage Darts is Cali's Youtube channel, dedicated to teaching you everything about darts!

Darts 101: The dartboard

This video is the first of the Darts 101 series, so if you know nothing about darts, watch this one first!

Darts 101: The Throw

The second installment of Darts 101, this video shows you the proper mechanics for a good throw

Darts 101: How to play Cricket

In this video, learn how to play the popular game of Cricket! This video goes in-depth to help you understand all the nuances of the game, with a full game played between Jen and Will. 

Darts 101: How to play 501 Part 1

In this video, learn how to play 501. This video is part one of a two part series (part two to be released soon) Cali runs down all of the basics, with a little humor thrown in!